Skyzen Diffusor



You deserve to end the day in peace.

The Skyzen® Personal Diffuser is an aromatherapy device containing a blend of melatonin, lavender and chamomile. A few breaths of our plant-based essential oil mist will calm you down, calm your mind and put you to sleep.

Rapid drowsiness

Inhaling melatonin allows for an almost immediate feeling of sleepiness compared to traditional supplements that take 30-60 minutes to be digested and absorbed. Finally a well deserved restful night.


A sense of calm

gentle lavender and soothing chamomile promote relaxation and help calm you down. It's the perfect way to get the relaxation we need before bed.



Plant based ingredients

Our drug-free, science-backed blend is made with ingredients like Lavender and Chamomile that have been shown to be effective in promoting relaxation and improving sleep quality.


No regret

Our product is 100% drug free. No groggy mornings and no worries.

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